Intelligence and Football Relationship So Major Attention at TCC

Football is supported by many factors, but there is one factor that is often overlooked, namely the intelligence of the players. Torabika through Torabika Campus Cup tries to highlight these factors

During this time, soccer is often regarded as a sport that prioritizes physical excellence. However, the assumption is wrong because football also requires intelligence from the players.

This is a major consideration for Torabika to hold university-level tournaments.

“Torabika Campus Cup tries to prove the importance of intelligence in football. We try to break the notion that football requires only physical excellence, “said Jalil Linta.

“Football with intelligence will produce an interesting match. Therefore, we try to show it in this event. ”

“Students who are accustomed to education, show that they have a good mindset. In addition, they will easily absorb direction from the coach. ”

“Factor intelligence can also make a footballer can consider the right step for the progress of his career. They certainly can make decisions with a critical, can learn to master a foreign language and read the game against the opponent when playing, so not just instinct alone, “said the TCC Commissioner 2017.

Attention to the intelligence factor can already be proved in football coaching in Belgium. One of the Belgian clubs, Standard Liege, has created a program to train players in his academy.

No wonder the achievements of Belgium increased rapidly in the international football scene. Currently, we are seeing more of Belgian players in European clubs than Dutch players, who have earned the title as the best player in the world.

The presence of Torabika Campus Cup is expected to be a driver for all elements of football in Indonesia can pay attention to the factors of intelligence in the process of coaching players.

If you already have adequate physical skills and accompanied by the habit of absorbing learning, it is not impossible if the footballers in Indonesia could become champions in Asia, even competing in the world.

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