Despacito So Mandatory Song in Persija Changing Space Jakarta

Brazilian Persija striker Bruno Lopes revealed his team’s small habits while in the players’ dressing room. Persija players warm up by listening with Despacito.

Bruno recounts, Despacito is a favorite song Ismed Sofyan, captain of Persija, which is often played in the locker room. But the rest of Persija players focus on themselves before playing.

“Before the match in the locker room we must try to concentrate, but there is music playing from our captain Despacito, he likes to listen to it,” Bruno told a fan meeting in Halim Perdanakusume area on Monday afternoon (2/10/2017).

Although speaking Spanish, music listeners like Ismed and his friends seem to be able to sway listening to Despacito. Bruno convinced Persija Jakarta fans who attended the Meet and Greet if this ritual only occasionally existed before the game.

“But the important thing is we try to make ourselves comfortable and focused and we have a responsibility in this work that makes people happy, makes The Jak happy,” said Bruno.

“In the first and second halftime we usually pray together: Muslim, Christian, and other religions all pray together for God’s help to win, and after we win we dance in the locker room again,” he said.

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