Cole is happy to see Manchester United return to the Champions League

Andy Cole admits he is happy to see Manchester United re-participate in the Champions League event Bandar Judi.

Post-retirement Sir Alex Ferguson, MU always difficult to penetrate the Champions League event. Even so, Cole admitted impressed with the achievements shown by Mourinho at Old Trafford, and feel that the competition in the Champions League is now getting tighter.

“It was a great thing [MU’s return to the Champions League],” the England striker told reporters. “This event gives us a new foundation, to bring in the players we want into the club.”

“That’s what fans want and expect from a club like Manchester United. So this is a great achievement. ”

“Being champions in the Champions League, is becoming increasingly difficult each year. If you look into the team that has won the event, two years in a row, we played against them in the Super Cup, and that distance is there. ”

“There is a great distance between Real Madrid and Manchester United. They even left some of their best players on the bench. ”

“So in order to win this competition you must always be in top condition.”

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