Although Already Escaped, Indonesian National Team Manager U-19 Make sure Egy Maulana Cs Shown Seriously

Indonesia U-19 national team is preparing ahead of the Asian Cup U-19 Group F qualification with the host South Korea, Malaysia, East Timor, and Brunei Darussalam. Indonesia itself has been confirmed to qualify for acting as the host of the finals.

But Indonesia national team manager U-19, Roni Fauzan ensure Indra Sjafri foster children play seriously. He hopes Egy Malauna Vikri Cs can repeat the success of 2013 when the era of Evan Dimas.

“We hope, coaches can repeat this team again and that will be more special, if it can win, it is done in the cage South Korea,” explained the man who is familiarly called Oni.

Before facing this qualifying round, Indonesia national team U-19 dubbed Garuda Jaya also continue menggeber preparation by holding a test run. Wednesday (4/10) they have just won over Cambodia with a score of 2-0. Next Sunday (8/10) they have been waiting for Thailand.

Oni rate matches against Thailand trial can be won. Given this game at once could be a revenge event.

“Yes, I think the odds should be maximized in order to be a goal” I hope we can conquer Thailand this time, “he added.

Oni further explained the next program that will be done by the Indonesian national team U-19 after beruji try, the training camp in Batu Malang and Yogyakarta.

“I think after this we will focus on climate adaptation in Batu. Given the cold weather is very fitting with the existing conditions in South Korea later,” he concluded.

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